" Buddy "

6 / 8 / 86 ---- 3 / 13 / 98


" An Angel Is Born "

I held you in my arms,

As you took your final breath,

Tears filled my eyes,

As I finally accepted your death.


As you become an angel,

Tear drops hit the floor,

Silence fills the room,

Pain you'll feel no more.


How will I live without you?

How will I go on?

How will I face another day,

Knowing that you're gone?


But I wasn't selfish,

I only thought of you,

The peace that you must feel,

It was something I had to do.

By: Stephanie (StephJS2@aol.com)

So fly up to heaven,

Be at peace my baby,

We had a lifetime of something wonderful,

Never forget how happy you made me.


With Loving Memories