Booker {Bookie Dog} by Bill McAvoy / Your Daddy

I got Booker from an old friend august 24th 1996 when he was just 6 weeks old. He was a 3lb. furry little pup about the size of a football. I immediately started training him and he grew into a 42 lb. adult after a couple years. Bookie Dog was my son. To me he was a human. I did everything I could with him and always thought of him when I was at work. Booker was the only thing on my mind as I pulled into my driveway after a long hard day at work. Bookie learned to do all the basic tricks plus getting the mail, paper, bear trick, lassie pose, hugs, dances, and more… On May 10th this year I took two weeks off for vacation and looked forward to spending tons of time with my kid.

Unfortunately the fifth day into my vacation on May 14th on a Monday morning he passed on suddenly and unexpectedly! I let him out and he ran across the deck and into the back yard and stopped at once, slowly walked to his pit against the fence and laid down. I ran to him and saw he was breathing but totally limp and coma like with his eyes wide open. Booker died on the way to the emergency clinic. An autopsy showed he had a cancer called hemangiosarcoma on his heart. The vet said it was like a blood blister (a ticking time bomb) under the sac of the heart.

When it ruptured it filled the area between the pericardium (sac) and heart muscle with blood and compressed his heart till it could no longer pump. Just minutes before this all happened I had woke up and he jumped up into my bed and gave me a big kiss on the cheek.

I was ready for a whole new day with him and figured he would probably live at least another 4-5- years or so. He seemed to be very healthy…..what little did I know. Booker rest in peace and I will think of you and love you forever…….Ruff Ruff.!!!


My lovable Bookie Doggie,
Booker {Bookie Dog}
Bill McAvoy