Brandi by Mommy Amy / Mommy

I first met Brandi at the swale. I’ll never forget the moment our eyes met. I felt she should be with me. I don’t know why. Maybe because she was such a dignified sweet looking lady. Sure enough, the night Brandi’s owner died I asked the son,”How’s Brandi?” And that’s when the son said they needed to find a new home for their 14 year old Brandi. He wasn’t well enough mentally to care for her alone.

The next day, Brandi was a part of my family. I had two other adopted senior poodles so I’m sure I was a poodle in another life. She was pretty close to blind and deaf already, but I didn’t care. She had dignity and was truly a lovely creature of this planet. She left earth today 10/14/02 at the beloved age of 18. She’s in my heart forever.


With love forever,
Mommy Amy