Cuddles by Stephanie / Love forever,
Mommy and Daddy

Let me tell you about my very special dog. We got him from someone who couldnt keep him. He is a purebred AKC regestered Cocker Spaniel. That does not matter to us. In the month or so that we have had him he has given us more love and goodness then we have ever could have asked for. I am home with him all day due to a disability I have and you could not ask for a better dog. If I am upstairs he barks to let me know someone is at the door. He has some toys but his favorite is a toy puppy he carrys around in his mouth.If we throw it he will bring it back to us. I give him those flavored dog treats and he carrys it around in his mouth too until he is ready to eat it. When I am on the computer he makes sure I am ok.


Thankyou cuddles we love you!