Brandi by Suellen



August 14 1989 ----- February 1 2000


For Brandi


We've had 10 good years together Brandi - you and I

For which I'm very grateful but I still can't help but cry.

And I can't stop from thinking - why God why...why...why

I only wish it had been more I wasn't ready to see you go.


God took you from me just days ago but I know why he chose you

He was jealous don't you know...He loves those special poodles

And with reason don't you see

You had such sparkling dark brown eyes - so very very sweet

Your coloring - Cafe au lait - made you that much more unique.


With your sister Niki you really like to play,

Up and down through the yard running through the leaves.

Oh what fun to watch you two -

You made us laugh and smile

But now Niki has lost her ears and is very much confused.


You loved to run oh yes you did and give lots of kisses,too

Your favorite trip was to the duck pond

And my were you quick with that tongue

And I'll always remember the thing that you loved best was

a good 'ole belly rub.


You could jump way up high like your feet were on springs

Through the air and full of bounce - like you were

related to Tigger.


You dreaded any trip to the vet-you quivered and you shivered

You cried and you whined but still gentle-tempered.



Such a snuggler you were so soft and so warm

Always the first one in bed it was time for your treat.

But you sure didn't like being touched by the feet!


You liked to ride in the car yes you always liked to go,

You didn't think that it was fair when you didn't get to go.

You had to sit way up high - because of your short little just couldn't see.

And you couldn't relax - no resting for you -

You just couldn't miss any of the view.

You could most likely be found on the corner of the couch-

Head up on the arm resting in silent repose.

But when Daddy came home there you would be - stretched out

by his side in his favorite chair.


You loved your family oh yes you did

So generous with your kisses and let's not forget the licks too

And then of course we could never forget,

There were your crazy greetings.

You jumped you cried you even hurt our ears

And sometimes made us cringe

The excitement it seems was just too much to bear

Much to our chagrin.

But,oh,what I wouldn't give to hear it just one more time again


You were a good girl that much is true

And you always came when called.

But you dreaded rainy weather you preferred to stay dry

And sometimes you refused to even go out at all.


You loved my Chris that much is sure

You carried on so whenever he came in

That we always knew that it was him.

You didn't seem to mind that he took me away,

The day that we got married,

Because then he became a part of your permanent family.


You were a picky eater Lord knows your Mommy tried

But you really loved the tuna fish

I think it was your favorite dish.


I know your poor body could bear no more

I knew it was time for you to go.

But God had a plan - he knew all along -

He had a special place for you just where you belong.

He know that we will be together one day Brandi you and I

--and our entire family.


So wait for me my pretty girl I'll be there soon enough

when it is time for me to leave this earthy life.

So in the meantime I'll mourn for you

And take days and days to cry,

But when the tears are over it will be time for me to smile.


(You will always live in my heart,

and I'll always love you,

and I'll always miss you,

my Brandi - pans)