Brandii by Rigel, Kaycee, and Czar / Kaycee

The day we got Brandii, was the greatest day of our lives; my mom, my dad and my siblings.

We had gotten her around Christmas Day, and i remember the night i carried her home as if it were yesterday. We were in the car on our way home from the Christmas party, and there was my beautiful Brandii, in my arms. Her eyes were filled with hope and love. I could tell she was excited (as we were) to begin a new life with us. When we brought her home, she was all excited and was running around our backyard excitedly. She began to sniff and explore everything. She was so cute. The second that she was ours, we knew that the Lord had blessed us with this ‘lil miracle’.

Brandii, gave us the peace and joy that no other dog could ever give a family. She was a miracle sent from above. She was not only just a ‘pet’ to us, but she also became a part of the family. My little brother was no longer ‘the baby’, but Brandii soon became the ‘baby’ of the family.

I remember when she always used to try and get the clothes that hung on the clothesline. We knew she meant no harm, but it was a part of her nature. It was just fun to her. Even though she can be a little bit ‘wild’ at times, she was also well behaved and always pleased us. She took the ‘watchdog’ role quite seriously and would bark at anything suspicious that was around. She was always energetic and full of stamina.

We would buy her many gifts for her to enjoy. Such as footballs, soccer balls, tennis balls etc… But none of them would last very long, as Brandii would get too excited and play with them too much; she would outwear them.

Brandii was such a smart dog. She would feel the emotions we would sometimes convey. For example, if my little brother were sad, he would cry, and you would often hear our Brandii cry with him. If Brandii were thirsty, she would carry her bowl in her mouth and stand in front of the door, waiting expectantly for us to give her some water.

Our Brandii, was brought into our lives for a reason. She had made a great difference in our lives, like ‘footprints in the sand’. …. she will never ever be forgotten. But cherished always ….


Brandii ... we love you ....
Rigel, Kaycee, and Czar