Brandon & Tiffany by Linn Torpy / Mom

The year 2000 was the hardest year of my life. This was the year I was first to let go of Tiffany, to follow 9 months later with Brandon.

Brandon & Tiffany were both Maltese. I never had dogs touch my heart as these two did. Brandon came to us when he was 8 weeks old, in 1985, and was an “only child” for a year before the long search for his sister ended in 1986. They started their life with me in Scotsdale, Arizona, moved to San Diego, Ca & then to Dallas, Texas, their final home.

While living in California, we had a short move to Palm Desert, the year of the earth quakes! Tiffany was eating breakfast when the first one happened. she never again trusted that food enough to eat alone. Brandon happily napped through them, which was the kind of pup he was. Brandon was never ruffled by major disasters, but those little ones, like being left alone, would bother him the most. Tiffany was bothered by storms of any kind, never upset to be left alone. They were so different, but so much the same. I loved those little dogs with all of my heart, and never thought I would be able to love again.

Seven weeks after loosing Brandon, on New Years day 2001, I met Madison, an un-named 16 month old Maltese, who after visiting with her for 4 hours in the home of her breeder, drove home with me to join our family. She is the third jewel in my life. She has not replaced my first two, but has been a wonderful addition.

Brandon & Tiffany,
wait for me at Rainbow Bridge,
some day we will all be
together again!


Brandon & Tiffany
Linn Torpy