Dec. 29th 1997

Brandy was my Yorkie-Poo who every one called my shadow.

She never would leave my side for a minute if she had her say.

She never wondered away while she was outside She was my best friend

when she was a pup. My son had a doggie hand puppet she would

always swipe Till we finally gave in and let her keep it for her own.

She brought years of enjoyment and love she was always a very good little girl.

She loved to go for rides and take trips with us but was never very happy

if we had to leave her she would sit by the door until I returned to her.

She would sit up and beg with her little paws swinging in the air like a

hula Dancer. She never barked or was mean to other animals she

would even let our cat jump on and over her back when it wanted.

But she was the best little watch dog who always let us know when

something was not right.

Oh the stories we have of her are to numerous to say

except everyone is a good one.

We had to put her to sleep on Dec.29th 1997 and even though its been

a year and My Husband did go out and buy me a new little friend

the very same night I cried for a month.

Nobody can ever take your place Brandy but they have helped

ease the pain of loosing you and no longer being able to see

and talk to you every day.

This Tribute is for you my Brandypoo.

You touched the lives of all who met you and you are

still dearly missed missed.