1/6/84 —– 4/12/99

We got Teela in January of 1984 it was mutual love at first site.

She was a peek-a-poo. We went to a co-workers home to see her

and while we were sitting on the couch he brought her out to us.

She ran to us and jumped right up to me. She had the most

adorable face and the biggest brown eyes I ever saw.

She loved to ride in the car and would often sit on the back

ledge looking out the window. She really loved to travel

we took her to the mountains and to the beach.

She made friends with everyone and she loved children.

I really believe she wanted to be human our little girl.

I remember after an ice storm the entire back yard was covered

with a sheet of ice. Well it wasn’t long before Teela discovered she

could run and slide from one side to the other.

She was always a comfort when we were ill and would never

leave my side. She was my little buddy.

Teela got sick she had lost her hearing and her eyesight and

was incontinent. She could hardly stand and would fall when eating

and going to the bathroom. At the end she would’t eat much and

would just walk in circles.

It was the hardest decision I ever made to have her put to sleep.

We both felt that she was very sad and in pain.

I will always love her and remember my best friend.

I pray I will see her again in heaven.

I love you Teela.