March 6 1986 —— April 17 2000


Brandyn was a big sweet loving “baby” the center of my world.

What a beautiful baby he was! He made me laugh and taught me what it

meant to love unconditionally. His happiness was my first concern.

I had him for 14 wonderful years. I’m lost without him.

Brandyn was such a friendly baby. He had that “Sammy” smile on

his face so much of the time.

He loved kids he’d just light up when they pet him.

He loved to lie in the sun his coat just glistened.

Brandyn was the “talking dog” always so expressive.

He had the funniest barks and whines and funny sounds and seemed to

know just which one to do when.

I had conversations with him all the time. My family was so amazed that he and

I seemed to know what each other was saying.

Brandyn of course always had the last word especially when

Mommy was gone just a little too long for his comfort level.

Once when my nephew was visiting he left a Snickers bar “hidden”

in his sneaker under the coffee table.

We went into the other room to watch TV and returned to find that “B”

(one of Brandyn’s nicknames) had helped himself to everything but the wrapper.

I was so worried but fortunately it didn’t make him sick.

We had a good laugh. What a character.

He was always there to greet me when I got home from work or

shopping with a great big kiss. He always gave me “sugar”.

He would just light up whenever I said “Wanna go bye-bye?”.

His ears would perk up his eyes got wide and bright with a big smile

on his face. He knew it was his turn to go for a ride with Mommy.

He found such pleasure in that I did too.

I loved taking him with me.

Whenever it snowed where we used to live Brandyn loved to eat the snow.

When he reached down for the snow he’d wrinkle up his nose and look

up at me with the funniest expression on his face. He was so entertaining.

Brandyn always had to be in the middle of everything,

people said he didn’t know he was a dog.

One of his favorites was Stephanie he was always excited to see her.

She took care of him if I had to travel. He knew besides Mommy

she was his good buddy.

I miss you my big sweet baby.

My life is so empty without you you were such a joy and a pleasure

to have around. I hope I made you happy too.

You were the best.

Everyone should be so blessed to have someone

like you in their life.