" Brandywine "

1978 ----- 12 / 14 / 96

Manx Cat

Dear God,


Thank you for the gift of life of over 17 years.

Thank you for a warm and cozy home to be the"king" of most of the time.

Thank you for two beautiful sisters who loved to tease but still respected

me and were truly my friends.

May they take my place as protector and "greeter of the door"

enjoy plenty of catnip and maybe get lucky enough to play in

the backyard on sunny days.

Thank you for the buckets of food and "kitty treats" I've gladly

devoured over the years and all of the times I didn't

have to take my "cat-lax".

Thank you for making it possible to keep ALL of my claws,

and have litter boxes big enough for me if my "aim" was off.

Thank you for so many days of comfort pleasure and peace.

I loved the warmth of the sun coming in that front window.

And thank you most of all for the unlimited unconditional love

that I have received from my adoptive parents my companions my buddies.

I have loved And I have been loved.

I am at peace In body mind and spirit.

My major purpose of life has been met.

It has been a beautiful life.

Thank You.



December 14 1996