Pepper Ann


" Pepper Ann "

5 / 12 / 97 ---- 3 / 27 / 98


My 10 month old puppy lost her battle with Epilepsy on March 27th.

I wrote this for her on April 16 1998.

She was English Springer Spaniel/Australian Shepherd.


Pepper My Puppy

You came to me but not for long.

God took you back where you belong.

It broke my heart to say goodbye,

I know it was right but still ask why?

You were only a puppy with lots of love,

but God said he needed you up above.

A little girl was lonely up there,

and needed a puppy'e love to share.

Pepper you're now at the Rainbow Bridge,

watching with Leloo from on top of the ridge.

You're happy healthy and running free.

Don't go to far Please wait for me.


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Pepper Ann