Feb. 13 1991 —– June 27 1999

Shetland Sheepdog

Dear Brittney

I remember when we brought Pe’Tue home we were so

nervous because you were the only dog we had at the time

and you were use to being the only dog.

You totally amazed us on how well you accepted the

white lil’ fur ball puppy. I have to admit we were kind of afraid of

what you would do. The love and acceptance you gave him was

remarkable you acted like he was your own.

And when Carey the dog next door scared him that one

time how you so gently nudged him back and defended his honor.

Just like a proud and protective mommy.

I will never forget the inseparable bond that grew between

the two of you.

I also remember how you taught him to howl when ever I left

and let him eat out of your bowl first if that is what he wanted to do.

You deserved the name “royal princess” because you

carried your self like one. You made me so proud to have you.

I am not only amazed at how you took to Pe’Tue but the

unconditional love you showed me.

How you stayed by my side when I was scared lonely or sad.

You were just about human.

I thank you…