Brodie by Dayna Greenroyd


Brodie was born April 20th 1995
in a litter of six.
At the age of 7 weeks he came home to live with me.
He was the best dog I ever had and we did
everything together.
We went on walks and bike rides and to the park,
he was the love of my life.
Shortly before he turned a year old
I decided to go back to school and
get a degree. I decided that Brodie would
need a companion to occupy him while
I was at school. So In march of 1996 Brodie
received a new sister for his 1st birthday.
But before he got her I took Brodie to a very
special place and we spent the day
together just the two of us. It was called Long beach and from than on
it was considered to be our special and magical place.

We went every year as often as we could.
One Fall afternoon in November
Brodie and his sister Breezy/Breanna and
I were walking at the park near our house.
A couple had moved in across the street and
they had 2 very mean german shepherds.
I had already been warned by the owner
that his dogs were not friendly.
This concerned me but the owner said
they were always kept in the garage or
in the back yard where it’s fenced.

Well one fall afternoon while Brodie and I
were at the park these 2 very mean dogs
dug their way out of the yard.
I was watching breezy at the time
they charged us and I felt brodie’s leash
go down and I felt him laying on the ground.
I looked up to see why he was laying down and
I saw two dogs charging right at us.
I immediately felt fear as I had already
been warned of the danger.

I started screaming immediately come
get your dogs and when I looked to the
driveway and saw no vehicles
I knew that no one would come for the dogs.
There was no one to help me.
Breezy/Breanna was 9 months old
at the time and Brodie was 18 months old.
This was November of 1996.
Immediately the dogs jumped on top of Brodie and
I had to listen helplessy as he cried
in pain and fear.

I for a moment left breanna unattended
to help Brodie and as soon
as I pulled them off of Brodie they attacked
Breezy. So I ran back to her and
shielded her with my body.
They than split up and one continued
to attack brodie and one continued
to attack me and Breezy.
I fought back and forth
and I screamed Help over and
over and over but there was no one. No help came.

I continued to shield and protect Breanna and
I tried to get her to the house
across the street and I looked up and
the dogs had drug Brodie across the street
and continued to attack him
as he tried to get away.
I than saw them go for his throat and
I left Breanna and I went to protect Brodie.
Finally the neighbor heard me and
I screamed for her to unlock her door
that I needed help and
I said call 911 now.

I fought all the way up the neighbors ramp
and still they continued to attack and
finally I got bit trying
to protect my babies. I kicked and punched
and pulled their hair trying
to desperately save my babies.
Even after we were safely in the house
one of the dogs continued to attack
through by hitting the door.

We finally made it to the vets office and
Breanna was okay but Brodie
had a couple of deep wounds
that required monitoring. A few months after
the attack Brodie started
having problems walking. I took him
to the vet thinking it was a pulled muscle.
No signs of that the vet said.
So we monitored him and he got worse.
He got to where I had to help him in
and out of the car,
he could no longer get on the couch and
he could barely walk.

He was only 2 yrs old and I was so scared
I was going to lose him. Finally I said we need to check his back.
So x rays were taken and they showed a development of bone spurs
on his spine and mild arthritis in his hips.
I knew it was from the attack and
the vet said this kind of problem
is the result of a trauma. Well the only trauma
he had was the attack.
I said what are my options and
we decided on anti inflammatories
but the vet said that in the long run
they will cause liver damage.

I said we will pass that bridge
when we come to it. So we tried and
it worked a little but not much.
It got him through the winter
but he suffered.
So I got a second opinion and said
we need a different medicine.
So he put Brodie on a really good one
but he also said it will cause liver damage.

At this point his back was so bad
I did not care. We treated him
as we could but he still suffered
a great deal of pain.
Finally at the age of 3 I said
we need to make a decision here.
I cannot let him suffer.
It is not fair to him. I said what are my
options. Acupuncture, back surgery
that is only temporary, medicine
that only helps a little, or DEATH.

I cried and said I need to think about it.
I went home and I cried and
I thought why not try a chiropractor?
So I called the vet back and
he gave me the x rays and
a month later Brodie started his treatments.
It was amazing the results.
He was off the medicines in the summer time
and only needed them in the winter
for the next two yrs.

But his back and hips continued
to deteriorate. By the age of 6 I knew
we were living on borrowed time.
I had really hoped for one more year
butI knew I may not get it.

In August of 2001 we moved and
there was no ramp for Brodie
so as he got out of the car
he injured his back. It took 4 adjustments
before he was okay and
he never did recover from it.
After 2 weeks of him suffering
I said I am taking him in and
I am ending it but people said
no give it one more week.
I did and he was okay but not really okay.
I knew that we would not
have another summer together.

He continued to get worse after that and
I took him in around January
to get new x rays and blood work and
his teeth cleaned.
The blood work was not good.
His thyroid was dangerously low and
his liver count was bad.
I knew that he didn’t have much time and
I cried rivers of tears.

He came out of the surgery fine but
he never recovered from the anesthesia.
He was sick for 3 weeks and
as much as the doctors and
I tried we could not save him.
He had went into liver failure.

On February 19th 2002
I decided enough was enough and
I called my friends and
said you need to say goodbye.
Brodie will not be with us much longer.
I planned a birthday party for him and
I asked the vet if we could make
our final beach trip but he said no
it would hurt him to bad.

On the 21st I took Brodie in and asked
to lay him to rest and
the doctor said no so I took him home.
I went back and got a second opinion and
he said his back alone is reason
enough to lay him to rest and
he is suffering and it is time.

I planned for the 24th. On the 22nd Brodie
started showing signs of pulmonary edema
and was having difficulty breathing.
He was sick the day of his party
but still he barked as
he saw my nephews bike and
he wanted so bad to go for a run and
he ate all his chicken
that was prepared for him and
he posed for the camera.

He showered me with love
even in the end.

2/24/02 at 9:30 am Brodie Bear Greenroyd
was laid to rest
Written by Dayna Frodies




Dayna Greenroyd