Brody Sinclair

You came to me a scared and non-trusting little dog.  It took me two weeks to get you to come inside the house.  I took it a day at a time and slowly built your trust.  With a lot of love and patience we became bonded and went everywhere together.  You brought me joy, you made me laugh, you were always there for me with that big smile.  I loved coming home and seeing your excitement when you met me at the door and when you knew you were going with me, you could not contain yourself.  The hardest part of coming home after you died was seeing your bowls sitting there, looking at the steps you climbed to get on the couch, the dog door which led outside to your beautiful back yard, and your little bed with your toy that you used to lay your head on.  The worst part is the quiet and the emptiness in the house.  It is unbearable.  To say I miss you does not even begin to touch the feelings of sadness.

I discovered a lump on your head and took you to see the vet.  Turned out to be a rare bone cancer that attacks the skull and the lump would continue to grow.  3 weeks to the day of being diagnosed, you woke up and had a seizure.  I rushed you to the vet and they stopped the seizure but you were already gone.  Your heart was beating but I could tell your brain was gone.  I held you and told you how much I loved you and that it was ok for you to cross over and I felt your last breath and the last beat of your heart.

God bless you my little guy and may you run free with your other adopted brothers in love.  I love you.  Mom

Run with God my Little One
My Little One
February 12, 2024
Peggy Sinclair