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Hi everyone.

I was going thru the internet and checking out to see if animals go to heaven when they die. We had to put our dog to sleep. She lived to a good age of 15. I found a lot of website’s mention animals do go to heaven and some website’s mention that animals don’t go to heaven because they have no souls. Because of this they aren’t allowed into heaven. But I believe God cares for all his creatures and will never turn them away. I believe they will go to heaven. I came across this website and loved it so much.

We had a female Yorkshire terrier named “Brownie” We were not the orginial owners. We got her a couple years later after her birth.
Brownie was a blessing.

We had to put our Yorkshire terrier to sleep. Her kidneys were starting to fail 6 months before she died. She was still full of energy. She would run around the table at dinner time looking for a quick snack. A week before she died, her bladder was starting to go. She lost a pound. One day she was laying on the end of the couch like she always did. She fell off. I got up from the couch and went to pick her up. I notice she wasn’t moving. It scared me big time. I picked her up and held her. Her eyes were open. Then 20 seconds later she blinked and turned her head. I let her walk, but she kinda stumbled.

Every night she should sleep in bed with us. That night she always slept with us I got a box and put a shirt of mine she would always lay on. I put the box right next to our bed so we could keep a eye on her during the night. I was expecting to die in her sleep. I think it would’ve been good if she did. The next morning I checked on her and she was still alive. I picked her up and took her outside to use the restroom. All she did was look around and she fell to the side. We took her to the our vet. The vet said when brownie fell off the couch and didn’t move for 20 seconds her heart stopped and then started back up. The vet said she could do blood tests and see what could be done.

The vet mention that her kidneys would fail very soon and poison her blood system, making it very discomforting. But decided not to and told her that it was best to put her to sleep. She laid brownie on a towel on her side. The vet put a needle in her leg and after a couple of seconds. Brownie closed her eyes. Before brownie died she looked at us with her big brown eyes like she was saying “goodbye.” The vet checked her heart beat and said “Brownie is at peace”.

Died January 11th 2006 @10:30a.m. We had a good cry. Sometimes I wonder if we did the right thing. I would’ve liked to see Brownie die peacefully in her sleep than having someone put her to sleep.

We will get her ashes in a week. We will miss her,
but she will always be remembered.

Many thanks out there.


You were a blessing
Rogers Family