Brownie by Samantha Dye / big siss

In 2000 my mom worked at chevoron was alwas gone.

I had no one to hang out with but my dad who was

at work most of the time too. Well one day my

mom came home from work with a small dog who she

had named brownie. This is wear her long journey

Well the first day I knew that she was specil

and would alwas be. She was so sweet to everyone

but me. This broke my heart. I stiil never gave

up. Day after day she became closer and closer to

me. She was like a little angle sent from

above. Now she loves me alot and we take care.

Of each other. Shes like my sister c onsidering I

only have a brother.

Well then she got parvo and we almost lost her.

I was so scared. I thought she would die but

thank god she came home safe.

I will alwas love



With love
Samantha Dye