BRUCE LEES by ADNNDS / Mum, dad, Nathan, Narrelle, Davy and Suzie

Hello baby BRUCE,

There are not enough words to describe how we feel about you. We loved you from the first time we saw you; throughout your life you showed such courage and bravery. We smile as we remember the first time we met you. You was growling and snarling at us and you looked very fierce, but we realized at that time you probably didn’t feel secure and loved; we was a little bit scared of you as
we had never had a dog before.

As you was 18 month old when we got you, you were very big. We couldn’t believe when we got you home what a gentle giant you were. You was so soft and lovable; you could be naughty you liked to scratch doors when they were closed, and eat out the bin. Your favorite pass time was sneaking out the garden, and going to see all your friends, while we were panicking looking for you.

After a while you looked after us as well as we looked after you; one night when we had prowlers you showed such bravery and scared them away. We were shocked as we’d not seen you as aggressive since we got you. After that night you always protected us. You used to check us all at night when we was asleep to make sure we were safe. We used to say you were doing your rounds; every one who knew you wanted to keep you even my nana who was terrified of big dogs. She loves you as much as we all do. You won the hearts of so many people, BRUCE.

Eventually we got you a friend. You were like a puppy again when you was with her. She was called Suzie. Our favorite memories were seeing you and Suzie running together on the field
you both looked so beautiful and happy.

The saddest day of our lives was the day you got run over; you had chased a cat with Suzie and we couldn’t find where you had run to. We were looking all over for you. When we returned home Suzie was at the gate so we took Suzie to look for you with us. We knew something was wrong because you and Suzie would never be apart. We were told by a man that a black dog had been run over just up the road from us and the RSPCA had took him to the vets; we went straight to the vets to see you. You had 14 stitches in your head, and front leg was really swollen.

The vet said your leg would be ok but your head injury was bad. When we walked into the room even though you was really hurt, you tried to get up to see us, but you fell back down. Over the next three days while you were at the vets, we visited you all the time even you nana came to visit you. We brought you blankets and your favorite Teddy’s, and when we weren’t with you, we prayed you would get better. We just longed to have you home.

On the third day the vet told us that the tendons in your nerve endings were completely severed, and we had a choice, we could have your front leg amputated but because you were getting old and you had arthritis in your back legs the vet thought it would be cruel. The only other option was for you to be put to sleep.

It was the hardest decision we’ve ever made we wanted to keep you alive while ever you were still breathing; we still had you we didn’t want to let you go, but that was selfish of us. You would of had no quality of life. You wouldn’t have been able to get up stairs, or sit in your favorite chair or run around the field with Suzie anymore and even lifting your leg for a wee would have been difficult so it was sadly decided we would let you go because we loved you.

Your dad held you in his arms while you drifted into a sleep. We buried you under the window in the garden. All your family was there, your nana and the next door neighbors and your auntie and uncle. We wrapped you in your red blanket with your teddies and toys. Everybody bought flowers and we had a funeral for you.

Two years on we still cherish your memory we have photos of you all over the house so does your nana and we’ve got a plaque with your name on it in your garden. Everytime we use are phones your on the screen saver and your garden blossoms with flowers. At Christmas you have a christmas tree with twinkling lights. There isn’t a day goes past where we don’t think of you in are hearts and in our memories. You will always live on. We will never stop loving you,


With love and thanks always,