Tiffany Lee by Freiss Family / Freiss Family

Tiffany Lee came into our life that warm day in September. She was very much wanted by our daughter. She could not believe the cat she was seeing at Grandma’s was her’s. Tiffany made herself at home right away. She may have been a snot to guests, but we always knew she loved us. She was the type of cat that when you were sick she wouldn’t leave your side until you were well. We chose to have her go over the rainbow bridge at a week before her 19th birthday. It was too hard to see her suffer from Arthritis. Prior to that day we had gotten two other cats that had bonded with her, Taffy and Tuffy. That day in the Vet’s office she and the other two knew something was going on. Taffy and Tuffy both had to give her a kiss before we got started. Tiffany Lee passed away that day with her family around her. She passed in the arms of our daughter. She is missed daily especially when someone is ill and there’s no pillow warmer around.


We will always love you,
Tiffany Lee
Freiss Family