Bruno Abby Chames Jake Spoofie by Jaynie / Your loving wife and Mommy to our furbabies.

My husband has crossed the rainbow bridge to take care of our loving pets that were waiting for him. On December 11th of 06, My loving husband Joe walked the bridge and was joined by all of our beautiful furbabies that left before him. I smile through my tears when I think of the amazing reunion held at that wonderful place where they have been waiting patiently for one of us to get there to be with them.

I know that he was greeted with kisses and barks and purring and I imagine him lying on the green grass by the rainbow bridge with his arms around all of our babies as they greet their daddy
with kisses and cuddles.

Joe…I miss you every single second of every single day but it gives me so much peace to know that when you crossed that bridge you were greeted by our babies. I’m sure that Bruno, Trooper, Abby and Chames were the first to come running….Daddy’s here…Daddy’s here!! I know that Jake and Spoofie soon followed understanding that though they didn’t know you in life, that you were their Mommy’s love and they were to be with you until Mom got there.

You are the love of my life, Joe and you will be forever and I am waiting patiently to join you and all of our beautiful babies when it’s my time to cross the bridge. I know that you will all be waiting
to make that walk with me.

Give all my precious babies hugs and kisses for me….and tell them that Mommy loves them and misses them so much. Molly, Prince, Allie, Fred and Barney and I are all here together missing you…..I know that when it is their time to come join you at the bridge that you will all be waiting with open arms…but for now, we think of you and miss you all the time.

Red and Rocky are in their new home and I am sorry that I can not keep them here with me…but I am trying to find a place where I can bring them home to be with me as well. Until then…I keep them in my prayers and visit them when I can and I let them know that mommy and daddy still love them very much.

Joe watch over our babies in heaven and on earth…keep sending us your amazing signs and keep protecting us with your undying love.
Please give Jakey and Spoofie an extra kiss and hug for me and let them know that Mommy loves them so much.

We miss you all so much and we look forward to the day that we will all be together again and we can spend our days in peace and happiness all together again.

I love you Joe….More today than yesterday….Less than tomorrow……Take care of our babies until we meet again…and keep sending us those signs…all of you….so we know you are watching and smiling down on us. With all of our love and smiling through our tears…..we will see you soon. All my love…your loving wife and mom to all our wonderful furbabies.


I love and miss you all today and forever,
Bruno Abby Chames Jake Spoofie