Brutus by Melinda Urquizu / Melinda Urquizu

Brutus-Born a dog, Died a Gentleman”

Angels be with me abide,
Please be present by our side.
Please grant Brutus peace from above,
Please fill Brutus with all my love.

Brutus-you were with me through good & bad,
I will rejoice and not be sad.
We will meet again some day-
where our spirits will walk and play!!

Please let your spirit rise above-
where good old friends wait with love.

Please help Brutus pass in peace,
Be free from pain and go with ease.
I love Brutus more than life itself,
I love Brutus more than myself.

Show his spirit the way to go-
that is my wish….Please make it so.

Now is the end, please go in peace-
That is my mote it be.


Never forgotten...
17, Mar 2004
Melinda Urquizu