Bubbles by Rain Drop / Love,

Okaa-chan and Akiko


I said good bye to you dear friend of mine
and we both knew that today would come
You seemed to accept it but not me so much.

You slipped away so quickly
but held on strong throughout.

Recently, “Why aren’t you eating”
and to the doctor we went
“Why didn’t I see it before” I said
and dreaded the Goodbyes that were so close.

What was I thinking..
I said it would be okay
But when you walked out that door
Me knowing that was the last,
Never did I imagine that it
would hurt so much as it does.

I want to tell you
in words that you’d understand
I’m sorry
that I couldn’t see you off
that I scolded you
I’m sorry i pushed you off my lap that time
And most of all
that you couldn’t stay longer.

Watching your weak
stumbling footsteps
We knew it was for the best
and you’d finally be at ease.

Sitting in these empty moments
of silence, I know
Someday this pain and guilt
will fade away
and the memories will stay
of you and me both.

But for now,
all I can say
is goodbye, farewell
to you my dear friend.


We'll miss you dearly,
28, Jan 2004
Rain Drop