Budder {Bud} Dolin by Dennis Dolin / The guy that misses YOU the most! Dennis Dolin

I fell to tears!
Dedicated to:
My cat and best friend Budder(Bud) Dolin!

This is a tough one not sure where to start.
Lost my best friend Bud & it broke my heart!
He was born Sept.15th 1990 Parkerford, Pa.
When given to me, it was a very special day!

Black & white with a pretty pink nose.
At 20.5 pds; each foot even had 6 toes!
We were very close and the best of friends.
He trusted my actions right until the end.

We lived together for almost 13 years!
But when he died, I fell to tears!
We traveled and lived every where together.
I tried to give him a life that was better!

Separated for only 2 weeks in our lives!
We became a pair that fit just right!
We knew each other like a hand and glove.
He always gave me unconditional love!

But bad veterinary treatment that I was fed!
Has prematurely left him dead!
Dr’s guessing techniques left me in query!
Died Sept.8th 2003, Springfield, Missouri.

Dennis D.


With all of my LOVE to my best friend!
Budder {Bud} Dolin
8, Sep 2003
Dennis Dolin