Buddy by Allie / Allie, Heather, Jimmie. Kate, James, and David

Buddy was a very cute little cat. When he was born we knew he was the one we where going to keep. He was big as a kitten, just like his father. As Buddy grew he became more and more friendlier. He was always there wherever you went. If I sat down at the desk and got on my laptop he would jump up and sit on my keyboard so I would have to pick him up. I miss him. He suddenly got sick one day and got real skinny. To this day we don’t know what happened to our Buddy but I was on the phone with my sister and she told me she found him dead. He was sleeping on his favorite bed. He died in his sleep. He had a good but short life. He was turning 2 this year. We don’t know what killed him but we miss him so much. He is buried outside underneath the apple trees. It’s funny because when I was burying him the apple blossoms began to fall.


We all miss you so much. Jimmie is taking this real hard you know. He misses you alot alot. We all do. I visit your grave every day too. Underneath the apple rees. Sometimes I think Todd even misses wrestling with you. It was quite a site to see a cat and a pomeranian wrestling. Your mom misses you to. The day you weren’t here she didn’t come home until about 4 in the morning which she never does. Buddy you inflicted our lives so much it hurts to type this. I love you Buddy. Remember that Buddy. Your my Buddy Boy.


With overwhelming love,