Buddy by Carrie, Evan, Ian & Cathy


I love you now and always will,
And I remember that sad day when you got ill,
It was my birthday, everyone having fun,
Then it happened, the pain had begun,
You went to go lie down in a quiet spot,
And I had noticed those last few days
you were sleeping a lot,
You layed your furry head on the ground,
I held you tight, safe and sound,
Then it happend out of the blue,
You died in my arms, me not having a clue,
I felt your heart, it was beating no more,
I felt pain right down to the core,
I kissed you once more on the head,
And I took you and wrapped you up with
my favorite cover on my bed,
We buried you that night in a field,
I was used to and expected you to meow or cry,
but your little lips stayed sealed,
I held you against me one more time,
And I knew you’d come back
for a visit soon, you’d give me a sign,
So there we buried you,way down deep,
I said to myself you’re not dead,
just having a really long sleep,
I cried and cried, and cried some more,
But I knew when my time would come,
you would come to meet me again, and
together we would walk
into heaven, through that golden door.

I love you now and always! My little Buddy! You’re in my heart now and forever, and
when my time comes,
soon we’ll be together!

Carrie, Evan,
Ian and Cathy


17, Sep 2002
Carrie, Evan, Ian & Cathy