Buddy by Samantha Dye / Mommy

When I first saw Buddy I was getting him for 4-H. I knew I was goona get him from the start. Hurlaman told me that he was a good Lamb but never had been messed with by any body. His loving baa mady my heart fill with love for him. So we took him home.
The first day we tryed to bond but he was a little shy. The next day I thought he was a complete different lamb. He nuzeld me and was so sweet.
Weeks after he was looking good and would defenatly win the ring. At this point I wasn’t really in to winning any more it was about love . Well one day I went to my friends house and when I came back and found two pit bulls had killed him.
My heart felt that little heart of love faded in just two minutes.


I will always remember you
Samantha Dye