BUDDY by TREY WAKE / Your best friend and loving companion,


I remember first hearing the news that a client’s dog was pregnant. It was a chocolate lab, “these pups are worthless” was the remark the owner made. You see a golden retriever found her chocolate lab and she bred dogs! Knowing those pups would be so so sweet I planned on getting the runt no matter what gender or color.

After weeks of waiting they were finally here! When I went to get my runt the man told me a little girl had her heart set on it and would I consider another? Of course I didn’t want to hurt the little girl
so I chose a yellow male.

About a year later I thought “Man did that little girl get ripped off”. As a couple of years passed me and Buddy grew to be the best of friends! Next to my kid I never loved anything any more. I can still see him chasing flies swimming riding along with me to work.
Everyday I think of him.

One day and I don’t know how, but Buddy got out and ran into the road! Somebody hit him and never stopped, I don’t think Buddy felt it; It was real bad. I wish I could lose that image but I guess I can’t. Wherever you are Buddy I want you to know you were the best dog anyone could ever ever hope for and will always be! You will never be forgotten and thank you for finding your way into my life, you made it so much
better a place to be in.


Forever free in my heart,
chasing fireflies in the wild flowers,