Buddy by Vicki K. / Mom

I met Buddy quite by accident. A volunteer from a local MD shelter put his story on Facebook which I happened to stumble upon. Buddy was left behind when his previous owner moved out of their apartment because he was too old and had accidents. They did not want to care for him anymore. So Animal Control was contacted by the apt. manager and taken to the local shelter.

When I read Buddy’s story, I felt so bad for him and his future was now very bleak if no one adopted him. I went to the shelter and adopted Buddy. He was a little uncertain of his new home but soon made the adjustment and became an instant hit with my dogs.

He was 14 yrs. old when I adopted him and passed away at 15. Buddy had some existing health issues but with the help of my vet, we tried to make Buddy’s quality of life better. Unfortunately, he recently just stopped eating and my vet said Buddy’s heart rate was rapid and had trouble breathing and the x-rays found a multitude of things that were suspicious. He recommended to let Buddy go. With a broken heart, I agreed.

Even though Buddy is no longer with me, he will always be in my heart. I Love You, Bud man!


Love Always,
8, Jan 2016
Vicki K.