Toby was such a sweet dog and he always made me smile. He would follow me around and he would look up at me with those big brown eyes when I would sit down at the kitchen table trying to eat my breakfast, lunch or dinner. He would bark indicating he wanted some of what I was eating or if ignored he would try the other side thinking I would give in. I miss him so much!


Griff was a 14 yr. old Poodle mix whose owner could no longer care for him due to illness. He came into rescue and needed a foster. Requests were sent out to the volunteers but no one responded. So on the third request, I said I would foster him. When I brought Griff home, he was a bit nervous to the new environment. I took him to adoption events and when people asked how old he was and I replied 14 yrs., they just said Thank you and walked away. This happened several times and I knew that either I would continue to foster or adopt.

So I decided to make Griff a permanent member of the family. He got along with my dog and he loved a good tug of war with a squeaky toy or chasing after a tennis ball. He was a very sweet and loving dog. After a year and half went by, his health began to decline. He did not enjoy playing and had trouble eating. My vet said it was time and I knew in my heart she was right. Even though Griff was in my home for a short time, he added a lot of happiness to my life.


I adopted Griffey (shorten to Griff) in Dec. 2018. His owner could no longer care him so he was given to the rescue which I volunteer. The rescue was looking for a foster home and no one seemed to step forward. So finally, I decided to become his foster. He was 14 years old and when people at adoption events would ask how old he was? I said 14 and they would say Oh and walk away. Griff still had a lot of spunk at 14 and could walk around the block without any problem. After being his foster for about a month, I decided to make Griff a permanent member of my family. He got along very well with my other dog and sometimes the two of them would sleep side by side. Unfortunately, his health began to decline and he could no longer enjoy life. He could hardly stand and did not enjoy going for walks. Even though he was eating, he body could not absorb the calories and his weight kept decreasing. I had to make that heartbreaking decision to let him go. I was able to say good-bye and say I Love You. I miss him.


Maddie may have been a Beagle (who are know to have their own agendas) but she was so sweet and loving! I would take her to the dog park and all she would do is walk and sniff every inch of the park and even bay as she was going along. She had medical issues but that never stopped her from enjoying each day. She would greet everyone she met with a wag and a smile and she even loved other dogs. I miss her so very much! But every time I think of her it will be of happiness not sadness.

Buddy by Vicki K. / Mom

I met Buddy quite by accident. A volunteer from a local MD shelter put his story on Facebook which I happened to stumble upon. Buddy was left behind when his previous owner moved out of their apartment because he was too old and had accidents. They did not want to care for him anymore. So Animal Control was contacted by the apt. manager and taken to the local shelter.

When I read Buddy’s story, I felt so bad for him and his future was now very bleak if no one adopted him. I went to the shelter and adopted Buddy. He was a little uncertain of his new home but soon made the adjustment and became an instant hit with my dogs.

He was 14 yrs. old when I adopted him and passed away at 15. Buddy had some existing health issues but with the help of my vet, we tried to make Buddy’s quality of life better. Unfortunately, he recently just stopped eating and my vet said Buddy’s heart rate was rapid and had trouble breathing and the x-rays found a multitude of things that were suspicious. He recommended to let Buddy go. With a broken heart, I agreed.

Even though Buddy is no longer with me, he will always be in my heart. I Love You, Bud man!


Spencer by Vicki / Mommy

Spencer was a sweet and happy dog. He loved to have his belly rubbed or his rear end scratched. He would always give me kisses when I say good night and told him I loved him.

The cancer was too much for body and I had to say good-bye. I miss him so much. Spencer I hope you are in heaven running free and playing
with your buddies Sammy and Benny.


Spencer by Vicki K. / Mommy

Spencer was a sweet and happy dog. He loved to have his belly rubbed and his rear end scratched. He would always give me kisses when I kissed him good night and told him I love him.

The cancer was too much for his body and I had to say good-bye. I miss him so much. Spencer I hope you are in heaven and running free
with your buddies Sammy and Benny.


Sid by Partnership for Animal Welfare / Volunteers of PAW

Sid came to Partnership for Animal Welfare with a chain collar embedded on in his neck. An uncaring owner had chained him as a young pup, and while Sid grew, the chain did not and when he arrived in rescue, surgery had to be performed to remove the collar and repair his neck.

Sid never stopped wagging his tail and giving kisses. You could ask him for a kiss and he would instantly fulfill the request and continue until you said stop. Everyone in the rescue who met Sid will miss him deeply. We love you Sid!


Benny by Vicki / Mommy

Benny was a very special Beagle. He always had his own agenda but he never failed to give me love and devotion in return. His passing has left a big void in my life and hope if he is in heaven, he can run free and never feel pain again.


Sammy by Vicki / Your friend

Sammy was my best friend. He would always peer behind the window blinds and somehow knew when I would come home from work. I adopted him from the Animal Shelter and when our eyes met something inside told me he was the one. He would follow me everywhere in the house and everyone in the neighborhood loved him. Since his passing, my tears are endless and my heart is heavy,
but my memories will always be with me.
I love you, Sammy, and I will see you in heaven.