Buffy by Charles Grenier / Rose Anne

You came into my life only two years ago,
Who’d ever thought I would come to love you so?
You loved me to walk you and run down the street,
When it came to steak and cognac, that was a treat!
You kept watch at the bottom of the stairs,
And gave me those sad eyes that told me you cared;
The day I got busy you got up on two legs,
And barked to let me know you wanted to beg;
To get your leash and go for our walk,
With those big brown eyes, you had such a spark;
I feel so badly that I had to be the one,
To have the vet take you when that day was done;
I want you to know how important you were,
The part you played in my life was quite the stir;
I shed many a tear as I think of you, Buffy,
Forever in my heart you will remain with
your golden coat so fluffy.
So remember please all the joy you brought,
Not only to me but to a whole lot.

Loved Forever and Terribly Missed.


To Buffy With Love,
7, June 2003
Charles Grenier