Stoney by Missy and Chuck Burger / Mom and Dad

We got Stoney when he was 2 months old. Just a little furball of fun! We loved him from day one. Even when he ate every single one of my wicker baskets! Thru the years he has proved time and again what a wonderful dog he was. He would hear the slightest noise outside and let us know immediatly something wasn’t right. He was like a stealth in the night. Never making a sound till it was to late and you were done for! He loved to play a game with Chuck where Chuck would touch his paw and Stoney would growl like he was going to eat him up. Never would he bite him tho. He was great with all the babies I babysit for. But wasn’t fond of grown men whom he didn’t know. When the time come for him to go to Heaven, Chuck couldn’t take him.

My friend Kathie and I had to go and it was the hardest thing for me to have to do. But he was so bad with arthritis. He would lay and cry for relief. I bought him a cheeseburger at McDonalds. He loved that! We miss him so much. We could never have asked for a better dog than Stoney. Stoney, we will always love you and we will wait till we can meet again. Till then, have fun running in the meadow of Heaven.


We love you Big Guy,
8, Nov 2002
Missy and Chuck Burger