Bullet by Louise

Bullet I miss you so very much. I wish I had you here with me so I could stroke your beautiful velvet ears and talk to you. In the days before you had to be put to sleep I kept telling you that I would be so lonely without you and I am. You were my best friend and buddy. I keep looking for you but you’re not there. I expect you to come around the corner wagging your tail ahrooing for your dinner or to go out for a walk. I go out on the patio and I expect to see you but you’re not there either. It’s so empty and quiet without you here. I look at pictures of you but it’s not the same. I feel as if there’s a big hole in my heart. How and why it keeps beating I’ll never know. I wish I could have just one glimpse of you at the Rainbow Bridge maybe then I could find some peace. I love you and I always will.



19, Aug 2000