Bunny by Carol and Pete / Parents

I still cannot believe you are gone. It all happened so quickly. We knew you were not feeling yourself, but we mostly attributed it to old age. I never thought when we took you to the vet that Sunday, you would never come back home.
We had you for over 13 years. And now that you and Fang are both gone, I feel like a piece of our lives is gone forever. I wish that I could have one more day with you, or even a couple of hours, to tell you how special you were to us.
You were so unique and incredibly smart. We used to say that you were the most intelligent member of the family. We loved it when you “talked back” when you were told to get off the bed. We especially loved your low, gutteral “coug-ra” noises and your “heavy lids” and “furrowed brow” expressions. You let us know in no uncertain terms when you were ticked off. The “Bunny voice” that we gave you was so appropriately suited to your personality. It was a voice filled with plenty of cat-it-tude!
But don’t get me wrong, you were a very sweet cat. You loved affection and thought it was the greatest thing (next to salmon, tuna and your tuffet) to sleep with us at night. It was fun waking up and seeing the silhouette of your furry ears in the dim light, or feeling your heavy, little body leaning against our legs.
And who can forget the wake-up calls at 5:00 a.m. We knew exactly what they meant–FEED ME, NOW! You were relentless in your pursuit of food first thing in the morning.
You were not afraid of anything, either, including vacuum cleaners, unfamiliar humans, or new, pesky kitty cats. Two things you did not like, though, were an empty food bowl, and the wind messing up your fur.
You will always be our A-Number-One girl, Kitty-wu, and will always hold a special place in our hearts. I am happy in knowing that you are free of pain, and once again content and happy. I also know that you are reunited with Fang because I cannot imagine that heaven is a place without animals.
We love you!


Your Loving
Carol and Pete