Busta by Denise & Jim DuBay / Love,

Grammy & Grandpa

On Feb 27 2015 we lost our Busta; he was a great friend. If I had a bad day Just being with him I felt better.

He was afraid of loud noises; he would hide in our closet. As a puppy he chewed almost anything from furniture to shoes. He out grew that at 2yrs. He would sleep on the back of our couch; he was very loved every night; he had his ice cream, carrots. He slept with us until he couldn’t jump anymore.

We knew it was selfish to leave him in pain so we did what was right we stayed with him to the end.
It hurts so bad but I know we did the right thin and let him go.


We will always Love and miss you.
Denise & Jim DuBay