Buster by Bill


" Buster "

April 15 1980 --------- Nov. 20 1998

Siamese Cat

How much longer will I have my cat,

twill always remember where he sat.

We first met BUSTER in a tiny bag

When he's gone away my life will sag.

I'll miss him so and then think back

About the little kitten in that sack.

All these years I've loved him so

It's so sad his time has come to go.

Buster has been so good to watch over me

I am really going to miss him,don't you see.

We have grown so very,very close together

I know I can never replace him with another.

I have missed him so when I was away,

And now I must look forward to that day.

When I look around for my BUSTER cat

All I can do is remember where he sat.