Buster by Ruth Springer / mom

My life started with love on Nov.2007,When we went to pick him up he was so full of energy. That was moms dream a house and a dog and it happened. Buster was my life when I was sad he always made me feel better. When I was mad at my daughter he knew it and would go to my room. when I would go to the store I had to get treats just like getting a candy bar for my daughter. I couldn’t wait to get home every day and he knew that time just like he knew at 5 pm was supper and it would be a can of soft food and of course xmas there better be presents under the tree and wrapped he tore that paper off. There are so many more special this about Buster. I always told him he can’t go before me because he was my life I miss him so much, I’m so lonely with out him.


Buster i love you always
Ruth Springer