Georgie by Vicki and John Manker

Tomorrow at about 4:30 am it will be one year since you passed away suddenly. Not a day goes by that we don’t think of you and we are just not able to get over the tears of losing you. We keep saying why? The year has been long and it has been sad. We smile at your pictures sometimes and other times cry. It just seems that the loss of you will never go away. Everyone of our little ones are special but you, Georgie, were different. You made us laugh and you made us cry. Laugh and be happy that we had the pleasure of adopting you and giving you the forever home you waited patiently for 6 years in that the puppy mill to be free. In the three years and 2 months that we had you in our home you taught us the lesson of love, determination and not to worry about being limited physically but never giving up.
Each day you started the day with a lick on our cheeks. You slept between our pillows. Your blanket is still there. It was like hey, let’s get up we have lots to do today. You would wag that little tail as hard as you could and those black, sparkling eyes would shine with joy. You would bark when I got the food bowls out to feed all of you and I would say “sound the alarm Georgie”” and you would squeak your little blue duck or your Lamb Chop and the other dogs would come to the kitchen knowing that you were telling them–time to eat.


Vicki and John Manker