Cuddles by Krystal Turrubiartez

My sister had bought Cuddles when he was just a baby. My sister had him till about he was 4 months and then she got pregnant and was real ill so she decided to give him away. I wanted him so I brought him home. Cuddles was great he was so silly. He was always so exited and ready for me to walk him or carry him like a baby. I loved him very much he was just a great dog. But then one day I came out to feed him and I called for him and he didn’t come out.

I knew something was wrong because Cuddles was always just there waiting for me to call him name. Finally I thought that I should just go and check on him. Well I regreted going to go check cause he was tied on a leash rapped around a pole. He straggled himself. I was so sad. I felt so bad, I kept saying to myself “I should of did this”, or “why did I leave him there”. I couldn’t believe that he was gone just like that. When just yesterday we were together playing.

I miss him very much and I know now he is somewhere
very special and being taken care of.


Krystal Turrubiartez