April 9 2001


We saw you for the first time May 13 2000 skinny abused you

needed good food and someone to care.

Little did we know how much you would come to mean to us.

You became a friend and stable mate to Dillon

and a little girl’s first pony. This little girl learned to ride on your

bare back hanging on to a hand full of thick cream-colored mane.

A little girl that learned how special an animal could be.

And how hard it would be to say good-by.

If she became a pest you corrected her without hurting.

You always greeted us with a winnie or a nicker

sometimes from all the way across the field.

Feeding time was something special too.

You would see Einer or Heather coming and Winnie

and shake your head as if to say “I’m hungry hurry.” If they didn’t move

quick enough you would knock on your stall door. You were an impatient little

lady! Squealing and kicking at Dillon over food or just because you felt like

it. When I would water your pasture in the evening

you would be just a few steps away eating with Clara on your back.

I can still see Einer bring you and Dillon

up the road and across the lawn to eat

you would have Clara on your back clutching a hand full of mane.

I can still see Heather giving you your first

bath you just half closed your eyes and stood there.

As the weeks turned into months your condition improved

as your body healed your spirit did too. I would stand on the porch looking down

at the barn in the evening I could see

Dillon out in his paddock long after dark eating but your cream-colored

shape would be in your stall as soon as night fell. I can still see you

running through the snow last winter with your long shaggy winter coat you

looked more like a butterball than a Buttercup! There is no way to know why

things happen they just do! The symumts were like Colic we had Gail our

Vet come out. She gave you oil and water along with a shot for pain about

5:30 that afternoon. We walked you and I you even ate some of the new grass

that was coming up. You seemed better but you weren’t.

At 3:30 in the morning Gail was called back a second time.

Another pain shot was given but this time it did not help. Even

tho you were in pain you kept walking like we asked.

At 4:30 that morning, with Gail’s help you slipped peacefully away.

Later that morning Heather had to tell Clara that you her friend was gone.

I watched them as they walked across the lawn and down the road

to the barn to say there goodbye. I watched as a little girl cried with her face

pressed into your mane for the last time.

Then it was Dillon’s turn to say good-bye. He nudged as if to say get

up. He stands down there looking into you’re paddock. But he doesn’t call to

you he knows that you are not there anymore.

Where you are now there is no more pain. Your body and sprit are healed.

You can run and jump. The grass is always green the weather always fair.

We miss you and thank God for letting

you into our life’s for even a short time.

It would have been a shame not to have known you.

We have memories and alot of pictures some hair from your mane and a braid

tied with a ribbon from your tail. But best of all are the memories. I can

look out my bedroom window and still see you standing there in the corner of

your paddock by Dillon. A small cream colored shape then you turn and walk

away. More shadow then substance but some time if we hear a sound like a

nicker or a small hoof hitting a stone and feel a nudge and no one is there

we will know it is you just saying hi.

You rest now high on a hill where you will never be distrubed.

There are trees birds and a lot of grass. A large

rock with a small bunch of flowers in front of it. Wet with the tears of a

little girl. Some day there will probably be another pony down at the barn.

but things won’t be quite the same.

Time heals all hurts that is what they say.

Good-bye Buttercup,