Kimmie {Moochie}

Feb. 1983 —– May 5 2001

Domestic Shorthair Tabby

Kimmie was sent to me by sheer accident.

Granddaughter of one of my best friends and someone had abandoned her.

This tiny kitten was found in the elevator of my friend’s apartment building and

I thought that I would give myself a housewarming present a kitten!

She took to me right away maybe because she was so small and hungry

and I fed and cleaned her up and played with her for hours on end.

Kimmie and I slept together right from day one

she thought was her momma and I thought of her as my baby.

She would sleep over my head and strange enough

always placed her paw on my nose. I got used to that.

Kimmie and I shared quite a few homes together never really able to find

one that kept us there for too long. Kimmie was a strong cooki though once

while sunning herself in the window the screen gave out and she tumbled

down three stories into a yard with Dobermans in it. She climbed over the

fence and bolted a few yards down. When I realized what had happened I ran

down the street calling out for her.

There she was a few yards away and I couldn’t get to her.

I called to her to come to “Mommy” and she dragged

herself over fences and into my arms! I was so happy to find her but with a

broken pelvis. Over the next few weeks I nursed her back to strength. She

was almost as good as new.

Kimmie matured and naturally I brought home a couple of rescued kittens,

Malibu first then Nikki. Geez the racket the three of them made always at

three in the morning it was like the running of the bulls in Pamplona,

Spain! But I would “ssssh” them and they would after a few more runs settle

down. Kimmie became their mother and keep them in line. She would sit in the

middle of the floor and as they ran by she would swat at them with her paw,

just like any mother would do to get her kids to stop running.

When I was expecting my own baby Kimmie would lay across my big belly and

jump every time the baby would kick or elbow her.

(As I remember this I am laughing)

she would look around as if she was saying to herself “Ok. Now

who did that?” then a thumping would happen again and she would look down

at my belly with a tilted head curiosity in he eyes.

Then she would pat at my belly with her paw as

if she could really get through to the baby.

After a few moments she would settle down and

go back to sleep until the next time.

Kimmie was the baby’s sentry guard guardian angel surrogate mother. She

never let anyone pass by into the baby’s room and whenever the baby cried she

went running sometimes bringing me back the pacifier that had fallen out the

crib. She would carry it by the handle always and waited by the sink to let

me know that I needed to wash it. She would then escort me back to the crib

and wait for me to hush my little one back to sleep.

:::Sigh::: I miss my Kimmie…. Whenever I cried she knew it she would

hop up on my lap and place her two paws over my shoulders and lick away my

tears and wait patiently as I held her until I calmed down.

Kimmie was also a great ‘mouser’. Brought me every mouse she found and

laid it at my feet waiting for a treat and praise.

Kimmie got older and older slower and slower especially ever since

Nikki had passed on last year. Kimmie loved Nikki very much. Nikki was her

adopted feline baby I know she missed her deeply.

Kimmie laid in the kitchen on Friday May 4 2001 and I found myself

giving her water from a spoon. She wasn’t able to stand anymore. She had

lost her hearing more than 2 years ago and had gotten to the point where

she was nothing more than a shell. She was healthy though just extremely

old. Nineteen years and three months to be exact.

I held her head in my hand and tilted her to the spoon where she drank

water. When she had enough I laid her little head back down on the towel,

and spoke to her stroking her fur and chin.

I told her that I knew that it was almost time.

“Thank you for being such a good friend and companion Kimmie.

You have taught me so much the lessons are endless. Nikki is

waiting for you in the meadow waiting to go chase butterflies with

you…Nikki needs you now it’s ok to go sweetheart….”. I leaned over and

kissed her face more than I could have counted “I love you and will always

love you Moochie we’ll be together again soon I promise. It’s ok to go. I

will be ok.” I KNOW she HEARD me. She let a long tear roll down from her

eye and across her little red nose. She told me ‘thank you and I love you

too Mommy’ all with that tear. I let her sleep there.

On May 5 2001 my daughter and I rubbed her chin and kissed her nose and

watched her go behind the toilet to lay down one of her favorite spots to

stay cool. We went out to get my daughter’s hair done for first communion.

On my way home I suddenly felt exhausted and closed my eyes like a part of

me was missing. I shrugged it off and by the time we got home was still

feeling a little heavy. I layed my things down and went to the bathroom.

There Kimmie was. She had passed over to the meadow to be with Nikki.

Whatever made me say goodbye to Kimmie the night before I can’t say but

am thankful that I was given the chance to let Kimmie go to tell her I love

her and that she will always be with me. I will never have such a dedicated

and loving companion and I have had in Kimmie.

It’s only a few days since I have lost my beautiful Kimmie I have not

mourned her in the way I need to. I hope that I can come back here to read

this and one day smile all the way through instead of reading through

streams of tears. But I know she isn’t alone she is with Nikki. Having a

ball and probably running like bulls through the meadow sunning in the

sunshine and chasing butterflies forever…. at least until I get there.

I love you Kimmie!!!! Catch and kiss a pretty blue Butterfly for me!

Mommy Maria


Kimmie {Moochie}