Buzzy {Babah} by Cheryl and Joe / Mommy, Daddy, Brittney, BATMAN and Joe Dirt

The day I first met Buzz was in October of 1992. He was to stay the “weekend” at my friends house. He was just a happy puppy. About 4 months old. He made a new friend with Buster. They would play and get into things together. They were close in age, but different buddy’s. Buzzy a shepherd and Buster a beagle. Then, the weekend passed. Weeks, then months have gone by From then on, we kinda thought even if his original owner wanted him back, he wasn’t getting Buzz.

In January of 1993 Buzzy and Buster came to live with me at my house. We made them a new house that looked like a condo! Has a nice front porch to lounge on. The boys would hang out in their new home and they just loved their yard. Buster being smaller was king kong. Buzzy let him think so, but deep down he could have had his way, but was the most kind dog I have ever met. Always giving hugs that had a grip around your waist that would hug you all day. He could look you in the eye and plant a big kiss on ya! But as gentle and kind as I knew him, there were times he was very protective of me.

A stranger to him never even got close to me. He made me feel safe being alone as the years went by. Knowing it was just him and I and his new sister Brittney. She was also a beagle that came to live with us after Buster had moved out. Brittney was Buzzy’s precious lil sister. He would watch over here each day. He spoiled her. The three of us were happy, but one day their new daddy came into my life and we became the most happiest family…until one day Buster came to stay for a visit and the old pals were happy to see one another.

Brittney and her new friend Buster became very close and had 6 beautiful puppies. We decided to keep 2 pups. BATMAN and Joe Dirt. Buzzy being their new uncle. Showed them that even though their real father wasn’t there anymore, he would step in and teach them the ropes. They all lived inside with us. But loved their doggie pen with the condo in the day time.

Buzzy had a ball with these little buggers. He probably thought of them just like their real dad Buster. They ruled the house. One day all three beagles had gone to the vets for an operation and had to wear cones and undies. Uncle Buzzy turned into Nurse Ratchett! Not one of them got away with anything. He took good care of each of them. The day he went to get his operation was so sad for me. Once he returned home, he also had a cone to wear. I took pictures of him outside and he was embarrassed. The cars driving by could see him in his cone and he didn’t know how to tell me, until I saw his picture. He looked sad and became shy…. He wasn’t into doctors much, and showed his teeth at times in the waiting room, but when it was his turn, he was grabbing the floor, chairs, anything to not make him leave me. I always felt bad when he had to visit them. He was a little bear, but never wanted anyone to see the real him. I knew he was the sweetest ever…

This past year was very difficult for him as he turned 12 years old. He became ill and wasn’t the same. Joe Dirt and BATMAN gave him all his gray hairs. They knew when to stop acting up and settle down. He gave them “that look”. They would lick him and give him sniffs in a way of saying, “we’ll be good for you uncle Buzzy”. The boys would tip-toe around him when he was sleeping and if one would accidentally touch him, he gave them a look, but knew they are still pups…

These last few months of seeing Buzzy not lively and cheerful made us very sad for him. He’s had cancer for years, but we never let anyone know this. We hoped for him to pass on in his sleep.
But that wasn’t the case.

He was a fighter, but gave up this week. We all knew this day would come. We did what we could for him. Favorite treats, foods he liked best. Took a video with him and Brittney, BATMAN and Joe Dirt. These last few days are the most difficult for me now, as I remember how the world changed for me. I have lost many pets over the years. They each touched me in a different way I guess. But Buzzy was the guest that was to stay for the “weekend”, but ended up staying a lifetime in my heart. For he was my Hero!

I love the fact that he was known by many. He will always be remembered each day by his family and until we are all once again together, I know that he is watching over us all still. His compassion for each of us and love, we will never forget. Until we see you again Babah.. We love you…


Love and kisses forever,
Buzzy {Babah}
Cheryl and Joe