” Samson “

April 16 1999 —– April 27 2001


I was turning 15 I had no friends I was described as a nerd.

But when my dog Samson came into my life it changed.

It was on a sunny day and my father said

“Kristel come down to the shop I have something for you”

And I had a gut feeling it was a puppy. And it was he was a little ball of fur

with big ears and big feet. He wasn’t even suppose to my mine.

I fell in love with him after two weeks.

I live with my mother and I brought him home my father didn’t mine.

After about a year he became my only and truly best friend.

He followed me everywhere. He was the best he really was.

On Halloween (1999) me and my father and Samson won best costume.

Samson was little red riding hood. Oh he was the cutest.

After that we became to involved with each other. I was always their for him

and he was always their for me.

Last year we moved around alot I turned 16 on 9/28/00 not like

many teenagers I was still in love with my dog.

I wasn’t a nerd I was even a little popular.

But that didn’t stop me from my best friend (Samson).

Where ever I went if I was allowed to bring dogs he came.

If my friends didn’t like it then o well.

On 4/27/01 I lost my best friend to a car.

He just turned three only a couple of weeks before his passing.

He was my friend such a loyal friend.

I told him when I turn 17 we would go everywhere together.

I said you will meet my kids will go for car rides we were so unstoppable.

But I lost him my first and only true friend.

People say there is a reason but in my own way there’s not a reason.

He was such a great dog . It only took a second and he was

laying in the road looking at me he wasn’t crying.

The police report said he ran into a car with his head.

Not even much blood escaped him he just lifted his head one time,

looked at me and pretty much said good-bye.

My father had just shown up and he died.

He wasn’t in no pain and he died with his love ones around him.

I know that he had left for a better place.

All I have are memories of our short years and pictures

of our happiness.

I loved him and I always will.

So please where ever you are wait for me.

Because I know when I pass away,

my BEST FRIEND will be

waiting for me .

Dedicated to my long last friend,

Kristel Hahn