” In Memory Of “

Shared Journey with your Love Ones

Pets Family Story ——- July 12 1998

” Cherish Every Moment “

” Greta “

Greta was my big goofy baby. Also my pride and joy.

Being a fawn doberman she was gorgeous forever stumping people as to what

kind of dog she was. Often she was referred to a Greyhound or a Weimaraner.

To me it would never matter what she was because it was her personality

that was the most radiant about her. She wasn’t just a sweet face she

was a sweetheart. Everyone adored her and it was easy to understand why.

Being very charismatic she just had that way about her. Whenever she’d

want out of her crate or to come inside the house she would “hoot hoot,”

and continue until we came to her need. I never heard such a thing come

from a dog an owl maybe ! That’s just one example of how amazing she was.

I will never forget the night she saved my life. It was late at night

and I had fallen asleep on the living room couch Greta was asleep in

the other room. The next thing I know I hear glass breaking and Greta’s

barking at the front door. Apparently someone had been trying to break

in and if it hadn’t been for Greta’s rescue who knows what would have

happened. I was so shocked because it was the first time she showed her

protectiveness for me. I owed her my life.

We had this special wonder from 8 weeks old to a year and a half. By

that point we had a horrible dilemma that no dog owner ever wants to

endure. Greta was growing bigger and stronger. Always full of energy

she never could sit still. No amount of exercise could wear her out. So

the question was : What should we do ? After much deliberation and

through a few tears the decision was made. We decided to find her a new

home for her with room to roam and more time for her energetic soul.

It wasn’t long before someone came to see her. They fell in love with

her instantly which was no surprise. They were a very nice couple with a

teenage boy other animals and they lived out of the city !

As much as I didn’t want to admit it it was a great home for her.

I held back my tears I just wanted to be strong. I tried to give her a

hug and a big kiss good-bye but she was much to excited with all the new

faces around her. I said,” Greta I wish you knew what was going on.”

Those were my last words to her. Off they went into the wintery night

and out came my tears. I was hysterical. I felt as if a whole part of

myself was being ripped away from me. I couldn’t stand the fact that she

was with someone else. How could we take her from her comfortable and

familiar home and put her in a strange environment?

What would I do with out her? She was my life. I felt total regret.

Sweet Greta. I would never see the excitement in her eyes when she was

ready to play. Oh how she loved to play. I would miss her “hoot hoots”

and the way she would jump to get a toy from my raised hand. And her

long stretches every morning noon and night.

Everything about her was special.

Now she’d be sharing herself with her new humans.

I prayed to God she didn’t have the ability to feel sad or confused

about this. I didn’t want her to feel any hurt because the hurt I was

feeling was unbearable. I just wanted God to let her be happy and

to let her know I loved her.

I still cry to this day. It’s amazing the things you can take for granted.

I will never forget her and I don’t know when the pain of losing her will subside.

I’ll never stop loving Greta and will always remember her part in our lives.

This may be a simple story but to me it has been a lesson in love and

has taught me to cherish every moment of every day that I have with my pets.

I am in a better situation today than I was when I had to part

with Greta and I wish like heck that I could have her back in my life !

Take a minute and hug your pet let them know you love them every second you can.

No matter what a pets’ future holds I believe they will always remember the

love that was given to them and they will always love back unconditionally.

And that is a beautiful thing !

Heather Smith