” Faun “

A beautiful dark ginger cat that was found in a paper bag

by the side of the road. He chose my friend Sandy as his owner.

I first met Sandy when she was trying to get Faun out of a tree

out side of the block of flats that we lived in .

It turned out that Sandy and Faun lived in the flat next door to me .

They became regular visitors to my place and when I got my

cats Snug and Jasper they all became good friends.

Faun and Snug became best of friends and so did Sandy and I.

Even when I moved Sandy use to bring Faun over to visit Snug.

I became Fauns second Mum. I would look after him when ever

Sandy went away.

Faun used up most of his nine lives and more !! He had been hit by a

car taken a bait bitten by a spider and numerous other things !!

He once fell three floors and walked away with out a scratch !

Faun was a real talker he loved to have a chat,and loved everyone !!

He once came home with a piece of chicken to this day we don’t

know where he got it from but someone lost their dinner !!

Faun was just short of his 17th birthday when he was diagnosed with

bone cancer in his right hip.

The tumor broke his leg and nothing could be done.

Sandy had to make the choice of putting him to sleep heart

breaking and she asked me to be with her.

The night before I called Sandy and asked her if she was sure!!

What about a second opinion?? I know I was clutching at straws.

I loved him like my own. But she was right The life had gone

from his eyes he was ready to go. At 3pm on the 8th of February the vet

came to Sandy’s home. Myself and a couple of other friends were

there to say good-bye and give love and support to Sandy.

We played some music and a poem was read .

We all cried even the vet. It was very peaceful and Faun

slipped away in Sandy’s arms. Tears of love were shed freely.

There is a big hole in all our lives now but I truly believe that Faun

is still with us in spirit his memory will live on for as long

as we remember him.



we love you and miss you

you will always live on in our hearts .