After coming from Florida to NYC We had by accident

walked by a local Pet shelter and went in to browse.

We met a friendly six month lab setter mix that loved cats.

Since I had two cats already and had a girlfriend minding another

of our three cats which would shortly be returned to us

we decided to adopt the lab.

The story behind Nicky is that he was found at about three mos

of age frozen from the waist down abandoned in New Jersey.

After much doctoring by the animal shelter he was well enough

for adoption. Nicky became more than a pet to us.

We had him for eighteen years in which finally when we took

him to an honest veterinarian and were told that he was so old

that there was nothing we could do for him as he had lost the

use of his legs from old age.

We had no choice but to let him sleep in peace.

The most loving thing we could do for him and yet the

hardest thing we ever had to do!.

Nick was a loving dog that would go into our back yard

and often find abandoned kittens or other abandoned animals

and would bark wildly for our attention.

After bringing in the animals he would adopt them and

protect them as if they were his own.

Nick was a Dog Friend Family member.

We will never get over the love we had and still have for

him And when we cross over into the everlasting we hope

that he will be the first “Person” we meet there.

I say person as He was a person to us.

Broken hearted still to this day remembering one time

when Nick got locked out of the house by accident we heard

barking after about an hour that we had entered the house.

I opened the door and said to my husband “Look at him” so

smart that he wouldn’t leave the property but instead was

calling us and letting us know that he got locked out.

What made us feel a little better is that a local pet shop owner

and animal lover had a talk with us knowing how broken hearted

we were over the loss of Nick. She said.

Look at this not as a loss but as eighteen wonderful years that he

gave you and that you were blessed to have had known him.

Our Son Nick!

” Nick we will always love you and never forget you”

Sabrina & Jerry

Brooklyn New York