Sunday December 19 1999 was one of the

worst days of my entire life.

Almost one year ago I was shopping in a pet supply store

for my cream colored cat Gingersnap when I saw a skinny little

gray and white cat in a cage up for adoption.

She had a gray stripe on her head that looked like “bangs” and

a little pink nose with black spots on it.

The name on her cage said “Mignon” and I immediately knew I

would have to change that name if I could adopt her!

I took her home with me and introduced her to Gingersnap

who disliked her at first but grew accustomed to her new little sister

after a few weeks. Annabelle was her new name.

After a few months of living in a good home sweet Annabelle

filled out nicely loved to play with her toys get into mischief

and tease her big sister Gingersnap.

Annabelle was very bright knew her name and would come

running when I called her.

She was very energetic and didn’t like to sit still for very long.

After almost a year with her Annabelle had become a special part

of my life and I never thought I could lose her so fast.

On Sunday December 19 she seemed to be breathing funny.

I called the vet and was told to bring her in.

I thought she had a cold or an allergy and would need some

medicine and that I could bring her right back home.

The vet took an x-ray and found her lungs filled with fluid.

She said this was a result of feline asthma and she

would quickly give her some drugs to help drain her lungs.

I was told she should improve within 24 hours and I was told

to go home and the vet would call me with an update.

I kissed Annabelle’s sweet gray and white head good-bye

and could hear her purring as I left the room.

30 minutes after I returned home the vet called to tell me that

Annabelle had taken a turn for the worse.

Her lungs were filling with fluid faster then the medicine

was working and she was open mouth breathing which

is a bad sign in cats.

She was transferred into an oxygen tent where they tried

to stabilize her breathing and said they would call me

back and let me know how she was doing.

I had a sinking feeling in my stomach that things would not turn

out good and sure enough Annabelle’s heart stopped

20 minutes later because she was no longer able to

breathe on her own.

Imagine the shock I felt when I thought my baby had a cold and

she never came back home again.

I miss her terribly but know she is no longer in any pain

and that I will see her again one day.

In the short time she was a part of my life she made me

realize how important it is to always care about your loved ones and

never forget to say “I love you” before its too late.

I love and miss you Annabelle.

Mommy and Gingersnap