by Angela Etna Poppleton / Angela Etna Poppleton Copyright 2003

I lost a friend of mine today,
It wasn’t fair to make him stay.
He was so ill and could not mend,
My cheerful, happy little friend.
He’d been through so much, and I just knew
the very thing I had to do,
he trusted that I’d do my best,
my love for him, put to the test.

I wanted to help and stop his pain,
although I’d not see him again,
I held him till he found his peace
and his tired old body found release.
When we get a pet, we must tend each need,
not just water and walks and a daily feed,
but to love them enough to let them go
when the time comes and you both know.

Written 13 January 2003
Angela Etna Poppleton.


Angela Etna Poppleton