by Annette Purcell / Annette Purcell 2007

I remember when you first entered my home.
You seemed so nervous and in fear that
you would not be accepted.
I, too, had my doubts for
I have never had a dog before.
You were so beautiful
with your fluffy fur and small frame body.
Within minutes I knew
that you would be part of my family.

You met your cat brother,
Tramp in which you two
had played for hours on end.
Wrestling all over the kitchen floor.
He was much bigger than you,
but you were not intimidated.
You let him know right from the start of
what your expectations of him would be.

You, two became best friends.
Finally a name had to be given.
We chose the name Lady, not only
because of your brother’s name Tramp
But you truly were the
most elegant and poised dog I have ever met.
You had a gleam in your eyes
to show you were proud.

Months later we moved to Pennsylvania.
Through the years
your animal family became extended.
Consisting of five cats and six dogs.
You did not lower your standard.
You were the smallest of all of them
But you stood strong.

You let them know that
you were the queen of the house
And would accept no other position.
You were vibrant and vigorous.
You ruled the house with and iron paw
but yet your
Compassion for them was overwhelming.

You were loved by all of us.
Life had handed you many hurdles.
One by one you overcame them all.
Defeat was not going
to be graceful with you.

Finally over fifteen years later
You had lost your hearing and
your vision was weakening
Your heart was slowing down
But you still stood strong and proud.

You had fought life’s final battle
You were found by us lying
in the pool room
it had appeared that
you had a seizure and your heart
had given out

Oh how my heart had broken
I will always love you and
look for you in my dreams
And I just want you to know
that I will always……….

PS. You are at the Rainbow Bridge with Tramp and Goliath. I know that you are young and healthy again. You are truly free now. I know you will be safe and loved until we meet again.




Annette Purcell