by Armando Guerra / Armando Guerra Copyright 2005

Kitty, baby I’m sorry.

I did my best to look out for you. We only had one day away from our own place so you could finally be an inside kitty. I blame myself, kitty. I just have bad luck. I wish you hadn’t gone over that fence. I knew I should have kept you in the garage before we moved. I could only imagine how
that dog took a hold of you.

You were just a kitten, baby. You were and are so sweet, so pretty and so lovable. You will always fill my heart with joy. I’m glad we had the time together that we had, even if it was short. We did find each other at the right time, though. I can’t believe this happened to you, baby. I am so sorry. I wish I could have given you the life I promised.
Please think of me in Heaven.

Love always,

your daddy


Armando Guerra