by Carole Miller / By Carole Miller

“Forever Hearts of Roses”

Oh how beautiful I see through the endless year,
The colors of the roses bring on sadness and others good cheer.
The Red Rose is symbolic of the Love we all share,
Because it is continuous for bearing our hearts for which we do care.

The Beauty of the Rose through all our days and into many years,
Life’s Circle will continue through many of our tears.
The Roses of all colors with its petals of softness and color bright,
Carries us through our dreams in the stillness of the night.

Roses bloom with each springtime-the beauty of the season.
For the colors of love that we share through all the right reason.
Reason of love that we feel deep within our bonding heart.
For the Connecting heart will bring a bond that we never will be a part.

The first season of each passing year will bring us to bear,
Because in our hearts that rose will be forever there.
Amongst the clouds and storms along the pathway,
The sunshine will come and bring us joys and memories that may.

In times of hope and despair we feel that we do humbly pray
That our pathway will bring hope and peace each and every day.
The pathway of roses so beautiful with love.
Someday we will be together in sharing from above.

In Memory Of All Beloved Ones
and “Brooke”, “Bridge”, “Bessie”
and “Brie”


Carole Miller